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Alex Jones

Alex Jones Says His Unintentionally Sexual Meme Was Really About 'Cannibalism'—And People Are Weirded Out

After Alex Jones posted a bizarre meme warning he'll 'eat leftist ass,' Jones tried to justify the post with weird references to 'cannibalism.'

Vivek Ramaswamy; Elon Musk

Ramaswamy Called Out For Leaving Mic On While In The Bathroom In Awkward Call With Elon Musk

While on a call with Elon Musk and Alex Jones, Vivek Ramaswamy was called out for leaving his microphone on while he relieved himself.

Infowars screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Claims 75,000 Stranded Burning Man Attendees Were 'Brainwashed' In Cringey Clip

After 75,000 Burning Man attendees were stranded in the Nevada desert after mass flooding, Marjorie Taylor Greene told Alex Jones they were being 'brainwashed' to blame it on climate change.

Screenshots of Rep. Dan Crenshaw appearing to trip an alt-right journalist

GOP Rep. Caught On Camera Trying To Trip Far Right Journalist

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw was being stalked by alt-right journalists from the National File, Crenshaw appeared to try to trip one of them as he approached stairs.

Donald Trump

Republicans Are Now Recruiting Trump For Speaker Of The House—And What Could Go Wrong?

Sean Hannity announced on Fox that Republicans are actively recruiting Donald Trump for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy's ouster, and he has expressed interest in the job.

Senator Thom Thillis (R-NC); Tucker Carlson

Republican Senator Calls 'Bullsh**t' On Tucker's Whitewashing Of January 6th As 'Sightseers'

After Tucker Carlson portrayed January 6th insurrectionists as 'peaceful sightseers', Senator Thom Tillis called 'bull***t.'

Elon Musk Jokes That Ye's Swastika Tweet 'Incited Me To Violence' In Twitter Q&A

Elon Musk Jokes That Ye's Swastika Tweet 'Incited Me To Violence' In Twitter Q&A

Elon Musk says he 'wanted to punch' Ye for the swastika tweet that led to his suspension.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes at a Trump MAGA rally in 2017 and on video chat in 2021

Oath Keeper Founder Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy For Capitol Riot—And Why That Matters

Stewart Rhodes was convicted of seditious conspiracy for his role in the January 6 Capitol riot.

Elon Musk; Ye

Ye Trolled Elon Musk With Unflattering Shirtless Pic Before Suspension–And Musk Just Responded

Elon Musk calls Ye's unflattering shirtless pic of him, which Ye tweeted right before his account was suspended, 'motivation to lose weight.'

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