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Republican Party Mocked for Bonkers New 'Trump Life Membership' Donor Program

Republican Party Mocked for Bonkers New 'Trump Life Membership' Donor Program
James Devaney/GC Images

Former President Donald Trump's unanimous adoration among the Republican voter base has led Republican campaigns to constantly dangle his approval above potential small donors in fundraising emails and texts.

From shaming Republicans for not donating to threatening to tell Trump they're a "DEFECTOR" if they don't make their donations recurring to promising their name will be on a list of top supporters that gets delivered to Trump, the aggressive rhetoric of Republican fundraising emails has become ridiculous.

But a new promise from the Republican National Party is getting derided on social media for the most ridiculous promise yet.

The email reads in part:

"YOU are one of our TOP donors - incredible! You've qualified to become an Official 2021 Trump Life Member.

This is a brand new membership program that's exclusively for our BEST supporters like YOU[.]"

It continues:

"Trump Life Members are going to be the patriots we rely on to help us WIN BIG in 2022. We'll be counting on YOU to bolster our efforts as we're fending off the constant lies and attacks coming from Democrats and their FAKE NEWS friends."

The breathless plea was mocked across social media.

Despite the email claiming to be for "top donors," many said they'd never given the RNC a single penny.

In other news, donations to Trump's Save America PAC are reportedly going toward Trump's personal expenses.