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GOP Rep. Caught On Camera Trying To Trip Far Right Journalist

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw was being stalked by alt-right journalists from the National File, Crenshaw appeared to try to trip one of them as he approached stairs.

Screenshots of Rep. Dan Crenshaw appearing to trip an alt-right journalist

A viral video showed Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw being hounded by alt-right reporters and appearing to intentionally trip one of them near the U.S. Capitol.

The moment was shared as part of a nearly two-minute video posted by the National File–a right-wing news blog created by Alex Jones.

The interview followed the GOP's vote to nominate Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana on Wednesday to succeed Republican Representative McCarthy as House Speaker following his ouster last week.

One of the reporters swarming Crenshaw was Noel Fritsch, a publisher from the right-wing news blog created by Alex Jones called the National File.

Fritsch was filming Crenshaw with his smartphone and appeared to be clipped by the GOP lawmaker's leg as they approached the steps on Capitol grounds.

The National File shared the footage on X (formerly Twitter) and expressed outrage over the alleged "assault."

It claimed:

"Dan Crenshaw INTENTIONALLY ASSAULTED National File publisher @NoelFritsch while @HowleyReporter was asking Dan about his support for the War Machine and Scalise's lack of votes needed to become #HouseSpeaker."

People shared their contradictory interpretations of what happened.

Some claimed it was purely accidental while others thought Crenshaw deliberately tried to trip Fritsch.

Prior to his physical sabotage attempt, Crenshaw was asked by National File reporter Patrick Howley about Ukraine funding and how support for President Volodymrr Zelenskyy might affect the Speaker vote.

Instead of answering the question, the lawmaker denounced the online outfit as "miscreants" and told them to "get a job."

Fritsch, who was in front of Crenshaw and filming him while walking backward, told the Congressman, "America really hates you."

At one point, Crenshaw warned:

"You're not doing a good job walking backwards. You're gonna fall."
Crenshaw then tried to dismiss the alt-right reporters and called them "bottom feeders."
Fritsch may have sealed his fate when he continued antagonizing Crenshaw–who served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan–and called him a "warmonger" and "McCain 2.0."

The clip ended with Hayley seeing Crenshaw extending his leg out as Fritsch tried to cross over in front of him, causing him to trip.

"Ohh, I saw that, I just witnessed it!" said Howley.

You can watch the full two-minute video here.

On Wednesday, Scalise won the GOP nod on a vote of 113 to 99, beating out Ohio Representative Jim Jordan–who was endorsed by former Republican President Donald Trump.

But it remains to be seen if Scalise will have enough of the required 217 votes to secure the Speakership, as support for Scalise seemed to bleed away throughout the day Thursday.