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Elon Musk Gets Brutal Fact-Check After He Says Democrats Have Been 'Hijacked By Extremists'
Patrick Pleul/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Finding his popularity waning among Millennials and Gen Z, Elon Musk appears to be courting conservative clout with several recent actions.

In his latest, Musk took a swipe at the Democratic party. Claiming his own values remain unchanged, Musk intimated liberals in general have run to the far left leaving him with more in common with Republicans than the "woke progressives."

The billionaire illustrated his point with a graphic on Twitter.

After writer Tim Urban added an explanation claiming the "far left" held the rest of their liberal counterparts hostage through fear, Musk pulled the "I even voted for Obama" card.

People had little tolerance for Musk's complaints or Urban's justification for them.

People asked which policies the "culturally powerful" enacted.

Many pointed out the complaint had less to do with out of control woke progressives and more to do with a billionaire's discomfort with accountability.

Others pointed out the policies and laws being pushed by Republicans had real world consequences beyond making Musk or Urban "feel homeless."

Musk has drawn increasing criticism from young people who often cite his unfulfilled promises—like fixing the Flint water crisis and ending world hunger—and his out of touch privilege and entitlement.

In response, Musk has increasingly criticized "wokeness" and courted conservatives. Whether it signals a change in his personal ideology or just a desire to be liked is unclear.