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The saying "While the cat's away the mice will play" refers to people taking advantage of the absence of oversight to do as they like. While that is an apt description for what is happening now with the Trump administration using the public's focus on the global pandemic to roll back environmental protections, perhaps a better saying is "The inmates are running the asylum."

In other words, those least capable of running a group or organization are now in charge.

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As the toll of the global pandemic is tallied in the United States, President Donald Trump, his administration and his allies are all hands on deck in a PR effort to minimize the appearance of the severity of the viral disease.

But on Thursday, the USA hit a few milestones.

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National Archives

After providing misinformation in several press conferences and briefings—including deadly inaccurate medical advice—President Donald Trump's response to the global pandemic is drawing criticism from around the world.

Now with the Trump administration's push to end social distancing efforts in order to boost the economy—and profits at Trump Organization businesses—experts in public health and epidemiology are urging the public to make good choices despite the GOP backing Trump's play.

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As soon as healh authorities declared a global pandemic, people were encouraged to take certain precautions to limit the spread of the viral disease.

Handwashing, social distancing and self isolation were encouraged.

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Leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the constant false claims and misinformation spread by President Donald Trump was troublesome to many.

But his comments now can legitimately prove deadly if someone follows his advice.

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With the White House constantly referring to COVID-19 as the "Chinese Virus," many other members of the GOP are also removing their feet from their mouths after similarly racist comments.

The latest to draw criticism for his racist response to the Novel Coronavirus is Kentucky's Republican junior Senator Rand Paul.

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One thing that remains a hallmark of the presidency of Donald Trump are the grudges he holds and petty insults he lobs on Twitter at anyone he perceives as an enemy.

The fact that many of those adversaries are elected officials—who represent United States' voters—that the President should be working with for the benefit of the country never stays Trump's hand.

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