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Jimmy Kimmel Claps Back At Trump With The Perfect 5 Words For His Tombstone

After Donald Trump said Jimmy Kimmel should've 'kept his mouth shut,' Kimmel clapped back with the 5 words that should be etched into Trump's tombstone.

Screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel; Donald Trump
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Alex Wong/Getty Images

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel hit back at former President Donald Trump after Trump tried to make hay out of the fact that Kimmel highlighted one of his "Truths" on Oscar night, in which Trump called Kimmel "the worst" Oscar host.

Kimmel's memorable retort that night, which has clearly gotten under Trump's skin, was:

"I'm surprised you're still up. Isn't it past your jail time?"

You can re-watch the moment below:

Trump took his grudge to a Fox News interview over the weekend, during which he bragged that Kimmel read the Truth Social post live during the Oscars and:

"The thing went viral, it's all over the world now, and all he had to do was keep his mouth shut."

In his monologue last night, Kimmel shared clips of the interview and mocked Trump for his seeming obsession with him.

You can hear what Kimmel said in the video below.

Trump STILL STEWING Over Jimmy’s Oscars Joke, He Spins “Bloodbath” Remarks & We Quiz MAGA Patriotsyoutu.be

Despite Trump's criticisms, Kimmel expressed amusement over the situation, stating:

"I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Donald Trump has said I’m not talented so many times Eric is starting to get jealous."
"But what he doesn’t realize is that I love this. I love that this bothered him so much, I love that Fox picked a news guy nobody knows to interview him, and I especially love when he tries to spin the fact that everyone was laughing at him into a positive.”

Kimmel then explained why Kimmel's joke went viral in the first place, namely his "past your jail time" jab, noting how the Oscars audience reacted:

“Barbie was laughing at you! Not only were they laughing at you on Oscar Sunday, there are now dozens of ‘isn’t it your past your jail time’ shirts for sale."

And in response to Trump's Fox interview, Kimmel came up with the perfect 5-word epitaph for Trump's tombstone:

“If only I kept my mouth shut – imagine him telling anyone they should’ve kept your mouth shut."
"That should be on his tombstone: ‘Should’ve kept his mouth shut.’”

People loved Kimmel's commentary.

During an interview with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, which aired on Monday morning following the Oscars, Kimmel disclosed that he improvised the "jail time" joke after being informed he had some extra time to fill during the show. However, he revealed that he was subsequently advised not to read Trump's Truth Social post on air.

He said:

“They’re like, ‘You’ve got a little bit of time’ and I was like, ‘I’m reading the Trump tweet,’ and they’re like, ‘No, no, don’t read that.' [I was like] ‘Yes, I am.’”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) declined to provide a comment on the matter.