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Alex Jones Says His Unintentionally Sexual Meme Was Really About 'Cannibalism'—And People Are Weirded Out

After Alex Jones posted a bizarre meme warning he'll 'eat leftist ass,' Jones tried to justify the post with weird references to 'cannibalism.'

Alex Jones
Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones—best known as the host of InfoWars—was widely mocked online after posting a bizarre meme warning he'll "eat leftist ass."

Although Jones tried to justify the post with weird references to "cannibalism," no one bought his oddball explanation.

The meme can be seen below.

Screenshot of Alex Jones' "I Will Eat Your Leftist Ass" meme@RealAlexJones/X

Jones insisted the post was "a joke."

He later made the oddball claim that the post was a "double entendre," which is a word or phrase that is open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent.

People quickly pointed out that no, it was not.

After someone jokingly asked if Jones would still "eat [their] ass" even though they don't identify as a leftist, Jones dug his heels in deeper, saying the post was actually about "end of the world cannibalism."

In a follow-up statement addressed to his millions of followers, Jones sought to clarify his stance, linking his "warning" to what he perceives as the potential ramifications of the Great Reset—an economic recovery initiative proposed by the World Economic Forum in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asserting that leftists had merely "misunderstood what my intention was," he wrote:

"I am taking about the road warrior collapse that has already begun because of the policy’s [sic] of The Great Reset. I am taking about Cannibalism as defined as the consumption of another human's flesh. 10 days without food and over 80% of people start eating each other."
"You guys want to bring down civilization so I just wanted to warn you. Good luck…"

You can see his post below.

No one was buying it.

And yet Jones kept at it.

So of course that opened him up to further criticism.

It wouldn't be shocking, of course, if he were actually concerned about cannibalism.

This is the same man who has made a living spreading conspiracy theories, most notably about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In 2022, Jones faced legal repercussions for spreading defamatory falsehoods regarding the shooting. Juries in Connecticut and Texas collectively awarded $1.487 billion in damages against Jones. The lawsuits, brought forth by a first responder and families of victims, accused Jones of disseminating lies that resulted in threats and harassment directed at them for an extended period.

Jones later filed for bankruptcy so he might have just been a little bored as he continues to deal with all his legal troubles.