Donald Trump

WATCH: Donald Trump Says: ‘You Have a Baby on Our Land…’Congratulations the Baby is Now a US Citizen’…It’s Frankly Ridiculous’

That’s not how this works.

READ: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tweets: ‘Excited to Join @FoxNews as a Contributor, Looking Forward to Being with the @Foxandfriends Team for my First Hit on September 6th.’

Surprise, surprise.

READ: Nikki Haley Tweets: ‘Enough of the False Rumors. Vice President Pence…Has Been a Loyal and Trustworthy VP to the President. He Has My Complete Support.’

Not how it’s done.

READ: David Frum Tweets ‘This Isn’t About Greenland. Obama Scheduled to Visit Denmark 9/28. Trump Was Scared of the Likely Contrast to His State Visit on 9/2-3’

Of course.



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