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Alex Jones Blames Biden's 'Weather Weapons' for Devastating Tornadoes in Deranged Rant

Alex Jones Blames Biden's 'Weather Weapons' for Devastating Tornadoes in Deranged Rant
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From false flags to gay frogs, far-right InfoWars host Alex Jones is known for peddling deranged conspiracy theories, usually revolving around "deep state" actors in the government secretly orchestrating mass casualty events.

Most recently, Jones lost a civil suit brought by the parents of child victims who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. For years, Jones claimed these parents were deep state actors, and that Sandy Hook was staged in order to weaken support for the Second Amendment. As a result of Jones' unhinged rants, these parents faced years of harassment and death threats.

Now, Jones has offered a new conspiracy theory regarding the devastating tornadoes that recently pummeled Kentucky, killing dozens of people and decimating countless homes and properties.

Who's to blame according to Jones? President Joe Biden and his weather machine.

Watch below.

Jones told his viewers:

"But I can play you an hourlong lecture by John Brennan, when he was CIA director, six years ago — you’re about to see part of it — admitting that, oh, other governments don’t like what we are doing, it can cause weather problems, weather weapons that were developed in the 50s. I had the father of weather weapons on, Capt. Livingston. So, they just think you’re stupid and they don’t want you knowing they are doing all of this, and they’ve got carbon systems they are putting in, that big, huge geoengineering systems, terraforming systems that are sucking carbon dioxide out of the air when it’s a trace gas that we need."

He then suggested that Biden was behind the winter storms that killed hundreds in Texas earlier this year, decimating the state's independent power grid and leaving Texans across the state without heat.

Jones said:

"OK, so the question is did Biden last February, this year, order the power turned off in Texas? They did officially; they wouldn’t let them up the power. Now, we know that. So the question is did they use weather weapons to cause the tornadoes? That’s a legitimate question to ask."

Social media users did not believe it was a "legitimate question" at all.

The mockery was swift.