Republican members of the House of Representatives drew attention to their cause on February 28.

But not all attention is a good thing.

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Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

The death of billionaire and serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein struck a huge blow to his victims hoping to see him face justice. Officials say that Epstein died by suicide, but due to the maximum security upgrade of his cell following a previous suicide attempt combined with his access to numerous celebrities, politicians, and other notable people, some are saying it's foul play.

In the months since his death, the conspiracy theory phrase "Epstein didn't kill himself" has become a popular meme.

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Washington Post

United States intelligence officials have long unanimously agreed that Russia issued a calculated attack to sway the 2016 Presidential election in favor of now-President Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, conspiracy theories still pervade, often from the Oval Office.

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Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images // Rune Hellestad - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

President Donald Trump infamously won the electoral college vote in the 2016 presidential election, securing his ascent to the White House in an upset victory against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Apparently occupying the Oval Office wasn't enough of a victory, because 941 days into his presidency, he's claiming that Google somehow manipulated "2.6 million to 16 million votes" in Clinton's favor, implying that he was robbed of the popular vote, which he lost by 2.8 million votes—the greatest margin in American history for a winner of the electoral college.

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