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Alex Jones Calls World Economic Forum 'A Satanic Alien Attack' In Unhinged Rant: 'The End Of Earth As We Know It'

Alex Jones Calls World Economic Forum 'A Satanic Alien Attack' In Unhinged Rant: 'The End Of Earth As We Know It'

Alex Jones is back with another completely bizarre conspiracy theory, this time about aliens—creatures that, according to Jones, are supposedly human-animal hybrids.

The people supposedly creating these "aliens" are George Soros, Klaus Schwab and others at the World Economic Forum (WEF) that happened this week in Davos, Switzerland.

You can view a clip of Jones' tirade here:

Jones began his unhinged rant on his show, InfoWars, with claims of a "satanic alien attack" being perpetrated by the participants of the WEF.

"So this thing is a satanic alien attack—by any definition—the entire attack is to not just override our genetics, but sabotage all life on Earth."
"They say all non-silicon life should be gotten rid of, and they say they're about to merge with it."

He quickly backtracked on the "alien" claim, saying he doesn't mean space aliens but an "interdimensional" Satan.

"Satan is interdimensional."
"It's not aliens coming from Alpha Centauri or Betelgeuse … or Sirius; it is interdemensional attack working through these human agents."

He further clarified:

"And if that sounds crazy, their main futurist says humans will be gone and a new species is being created—and that they are making aliens."
"And that they are merging humans with animals, and that they are rolling all this out."

Another helping of doomsday prophecy followed:

"This is the end of Earth as we know it."
"They're terraforming the atmosphere right now to be unlivable for most lifeforms."
"They are killing the Earth while claiming they are the guardians, and saying by 2030 everything will collapse, the oceans will rise, we're all going to die and deadly viruses will come out of the rainforest and kill everybody."
"It's going to come out of their laboratories."

Twitter users were amused and disturbed by Jones' rant in equal measure.

Few could resist such a golden opportunity to mock him.

This isn't the first time Jones has made interdimensional alien-related claims.

He told Joe Rogan all about his theory on interdimensional beings and their connection to Hitler and the Nazis—including a whole bunch of bizarre cultural and religious appropriation—back in 2019.

How he arrived at the conclusion these beings are supposedly working with the World Economic Forum to bring about the downfall of our species, though, we may never know.