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Texas Lt. Governor Suggests Removing Joe Biden From Ballot After Colorado Ruling

After the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is not eligible for the state's presidential ballot, Texas Lietenant Governor Dan Patrick suggested to Laura Ingraham that perhaps they should remove Joe Biden from theirs.

Screenshots of Rep. Dan Crenshaw appearing to trip an alt-right journalist

GOP Rep. Caught On Camera Trying To Trip Far Right Journalist

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw was being stalked by alt-right journalists from the National File, Crenshaw appeared to try to trip one of them as he approached stairs.

Texas Legislature Delivers Fatal Blow to "Bathroom Bill"

The proposed legislation failed following condemnation from civil rights groups and business leaders.

Planned Parenthood Cleared, But That Won't Stop Texas

A Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing, but Republican lawmakers continue to doggedly pursue the organization. Will it cost them the election?

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