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The defense team in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial spent its second day of arguments defending Rudy Giuliani, bashing House Democrats, and ignoring bombshell developments regarding former National Security Advisor John Bolton that broke in the days before.

The team went after a familiar target in a performance that was likely for an audience of one: Donald Trump.

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On Tuesday night, Iran launched over a dozen ballistic missiles on Iraqi military bases where U.S. troops were stationed. The attack was in retaliation to President Donald Trump's order of an air strike that killed Iran's top military official, Qasem Soleimani, as Soleimani visited Iraq.

Trump tweeted that "all [was] well!" later that evening and addressed the nation on Wednesday morning.

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As backlash continues to come at the White House over President Donald Trump's choice to assassinate a foreign leader, his supporters in his administration and Congress scramble to create excuses and false equivalencies.

Among those congressional supporters is Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar.

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After days of escalating tensions in Iran, the United States confirmed it was behind the air strike that killed top Iranian leader Major General Qassim Suleimani, who led the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The attack, authorized by President Donald Trump, hit Baghdad International Airport and marks a shocking escalation in the souring relations between the United States and Iran.

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The performance of the stock market has been a bragging point for President Donald Trump from the moment he took office in January 2017.

And in a presidency plagued by problems, it remained a bright spot.

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President Donald Trump's attempts to discredit former President Barack Obama are nothing new.

Trump has criticized Obama's diplomacy, cast aspersions on the legitimacy of his birth certificate, and routinely said that Obama golfed too much.

Yet Trump's own golfing habit has come under fire recently, and a 2015 video of the numerous times Trump criticized then-President Obama for golfing isn't helping.

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A recent Twitter post from @owenawhaley pointed out a pronounced difference in the number of criminal indictments in the administrations of 3 Republican and 3 Democratic presidential administrations.

The difference was striking—317 indictments among Presidents Trump, Nixon and Reagan, as compared to only 3 among Presidents Obama, Carter and Clinton.

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