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CNN Admonishes Trump to 'Be Better' in Savage Clapback After He Tweets Video With Fake CNN Headline
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

UPDATE (6/19, 5:56 PM): Twitter has removed the fake CNN video tweeted by Trump on Friday morning at the request of the copyright owner.

For a third time, Twitter flagged a tweet from President Donald Trump.

The President shared mock CNN coverage of a Black toddler and a White toddler running to embrace each other. The doctored video had CNN portraying the White toddler as racist. Twitter deemed the tweet "manipulated media."

Watch below.

Twitter users excoriated the President for exploiting a heartwarming moment between two toddlers for political purposes.

One of his chief critics was the very network he targeted: CNN. The network pointed out that they did cover the story—accurately—in 2019

CNN is one of the President's favorite targets for sowing mistrust in the media. His administration revoked the press pass of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta until they were court ordered to restore it. The President frequently refuses to answer questions asked by CNN reporters and often bickers with them, so it didn't come as a surprise that the President's tweet targeted the network.

CNN's response garnered lots of reactions.

But not all reactions were positive.

Many sided with the President—who has told over 18 thousand lies since his inauguration—in calling CNN "fake news."

But CNN wasn't the only one detracting Trump's bizarre tweet.

The President has tweeted or retweeted over a dozen times so far today.