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Screenshots of Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell Lists Top 10 Reasons GOP's Biden Impeachment 'Is Dead' In Mic Drop Rant

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell counted down the top 10 reasons the GOP's impeachment of Joe Biden is dead, even declaring its time of death.

Screenshots of Nancy Mace and Hunter Biden

GOP Rep. Melts Down In Bizarre Hunter Biden Rant After Biden Showed Up In Audience Of Hearing

After Hunter Biden surprised the Oversight Committee by showing up in the audience at his own contempt hearing, Nancy Mace tried to claim he has 'no balls.'

Jamie Raskin; James Comer

Dem Rep Eviscerates House GOP Chair For Rejecting Hunter Biden's Offer To Testify

Rep. Jamie Raskin called out House Oversight Chair James Comer after he rejected Hunter Biden's offer to testify publicly in front of the committee.

Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz

Dem Rep. Wore A Smurf Tie During Oversight Hearing To Troll GOP Chair—And People Are Obsessed

Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz had X users howlling with his choice to wear a Smurf tie to the Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday to troll committee chair James Comer.

Fox News screenshot of Jamie Raskin

Dem Rep. Owns House GOP By Masterfully Debunking Their Unhinged Hunter Biden Conspiracy

Rep. Jamie Raskin took the House GOP to task in epic takedown of their Hunter Biden conspiracy theory during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Green during House Oversight Hearing

MTG Accidentally Argues For Prosecuting Donald Trump In Hilarious Self-Own

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seemed to argue for Trump's prosecution, saying no guilty party should be spared 'no matter who the person is.'

Naomi Biden; Screenshot of Jesse Watters

Hunter Biden's Daughter Lashes Out At Fox Host For 'Over The Line' Rant About Joe Biden

After Jesse Watters claimed Joe Biden wasn't a 'good father,' Naomi Biden took to X to slam Watters for 'crossing the line.'

Laura Ingraham Says Finding 'Sufficient Proof' Against Biden 'Is Irrelevant'—And Yeah, That Tracks

Laura Ingraham Says Finding 'Sufficient Proof' Against Biden 'Is Irrelevant'—And Yeah, That Tracks

Laura Ingraham was criticized after making the claim on Fox that finding 'evidence' against any financial crimes against Joe Biden is 'irrelevant.'

James Comer; government documents piled on a stage in a Mar-a-Lago ballroom

GOP Rep. Instantly Fact-Checked After Wild Claim About Where Trump Hid Classified Documents

After Rep. James Comer made a bizarre claim about Donald Trump hiding classified documents in "one location," he got fact-checked by Rep. Jared Moskowitz as well as an X community note.

Screenshot of Mike Johnson from 2019 video

Mike Johnson's 2019 Rant Scolding Democrats For Impeaching Trump Is Peak Hypocrisy

In a 2019 video that did not age well at all, now Speaker Mike Johnson scolded Democrats for pursuing impeachment against Trump for reasons that could be used against his own Biden impeachment inquiry today.

Screenshot of Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson Gets Savagely Fact-Checked After Calling Republicans 'The Rule Of Law Team'

X users did not hold back after Speaker Mike Johnson made a tone deaf groan-inducing claim about the Republican Party.

Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO); Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA)

Dem Rep Asks GOP Colleague What Biden 'High Crime' They're Investigating—And His Response Is Cringe

During a House committee hearing, Democratic Rep. Neguse tried to get out of Republicans exactly what 'high crime' they are investigating Biden for with their impeachment inquiry.

CNN screenshot of Anderson Cooper; Kevin McCarthy

Anderson Cooper Calls Out McCarthy's Hypocrisy Over Impeachment With Damning 2019 Tweet

Anderson Cooper found a 2019 tweet from Kevin McCarthy about impeachment and called out his utter hypocrisy.

Twitter screenshots of John Fetterman

'Oh My God, Really??': John Fetterman's Mocking Response To Impeachment Inquiry Is All Of Us

John Fetterman had a mock concerned response to the news that Speaker McCarthy would launch an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

CNN screenshot of Abby Phillip and Matt Gaetz

CNN Host Effortlessly Shuts Down Gaetz Twice After His Claims About Biden Impeachment Inquiry

CNN host Abby Phillip doubly reminded MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz that Republicans don't have evidence linking President Biden to anything illegal.

Andy Biggs

GOP Rep. Admits Hyped Witness 'Didn't Know Anything' About Purported Biden Crime

Rep. Andy Biggs had to admit that hyped witness Devon Archer 'didn't know anything' about a supposed Biden 'bribe' alleged by Republicans.

C-SPAN screenshot of Kevin Brady; official photo of Supreme Court justices

GOP Rep. Says SCOTUS Justices' Tax Returns Will Be Made Public If Trump's Are–And Everyone Had The Same Response

Rep. Kevin Brady threatened that if Congress makes Trump's taxes public, that could lead to the release of Supreme Court justices' tax returns as well.

Lauren Boebert; Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Has A Stinging New Nickname For Lauren Boebert After Her Impeachment Vote Stunt

After Lauren Boebert forced a vote on the House floor to impeach President Joe Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly lashed out at her for copying her resolution idea.

Fox News screenshot of James Comer; Donald Trump

Pro-Trump Rep. Accidentally Lets Slip The Real Reason For House GOP Biden Probe

Rep. James Comer admitted live on Fox News that the House GOP's Biden probe is really about helping Trump win against Biden in 2024.

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters and Alina Habba discussing Donald Trump's indictment

Trump Lawyer Says She's 'Ashamed To Be A Lawyer' After Trump Indictment—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After Donald Trump was indicted on 7 criminal counts by prosecutor Jack Smith, his lawyer Alina Habba went on Fox to declare she's 'embarrassed to be a lawyer.'

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