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MTG Accidentally Argues For Prosecuting Donald Trump In Hilarious Self-Own

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seemed to argue for Trump's prosecution, saying no guilty party should be spared 'no matter who the person is.'

Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Green during House Oversight Hearing

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was mocked online after she made comments that appeared to support the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

On the same day, House Republicans presented unsubstantiated allegations against President Joe Biden concerning his family's finances. The lawmakers summoned IRS whistleblowers to testify publicly for the first time, alleging improper interference by the Justice Department in a tax investigation involving Biden's son, Hunter.

Greene expressed her belief in the importance of prosecuting wrongdoers when evidence and proof of a crime are presented, regardless of the person's identity.

While not explicitly mentioning Trump, her remarks raised eyebrows and led many to interpret them as a stance in favor of prosecuting the former President.

You can hear what Greene said in the video below.

Greene said:

“I would also like to say that when evidence and proof of a crime is presented, no prosecution should be denied no matter who the person is.”

Critics were quick to highlight the implications of her statement, suggesting that it could serve as fodder for campaign ads for Democrats.

The investigation focused on Hunter Biden's failure to pay taxes, and he recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, a development that Republicans criticized as a "sweetheart" deal. Despite lacking concrete evidence, House Republicans continue to pursue a broader investigation into the Bidens, making claims of corruption and wrongdoing.

The Justice Department has refuted the whistleblowers' allegations. However, this did not deter the Republicans from deepening their inquiry into the Bidens, even though the claims remain unproven.

IRS supervisory special agent Greg Shapley and another agent named Joe Ziegler testified before the committee, shedding light on what they described as a pattern of "slow-walking investigative steps" into Hunter Biden. They mentioned that this pattern was evident during the Trump administration leading up to the 2020 election, which Joe Biden won.

The hearing witnessed sharp partisan exchanges, with Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on the committee, dismissing it as "a theater of the absurd."