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MTG Has A Stinging New Nickname For Lauren Boebert After Her Impeachment Vote Stunt

After Lauren Boebert forced a vote on the House floor to impeach President Joe Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly lashed out at her for copying her resolution idea.

Lauren Boebert; Marjorie Taylor Greene
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images (left and right)

Republican dissatisfaction with Democratic President Joe Biden has reached new heights, with Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert introducing articles of impeachment against him.

Boebert's strategic move to force a floor vote has sparked a rift within the GOP, with some Republicans urging caution and a more deliberate approach.

The primary reason cited for the proposed impeachment is Biden's handling of the U.S.-Mexico border, particularly Boebert's claim of an open border agenda but not even that red meat rhetoric could get Republicans on board. Even Kevin McCarthy reportedly spoke out against the measure, with others predicting failure.

But Boebert has pushed ahead anyway and wrote the following justification on Twitter:

"The American people can no longer be subjected to a President who refuses to secure our borders. His open border agenda has put every American at greater risk, allowed human traffickers to thrive and given the cartel a free pass."
"He is not fit to remain as Commander in Chief."

You can see Boebert's tweet below.

Notably, Boebert's impeachment vote stunt has raised the ire of Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who had previously introduced her own articles of impeachment against Biden and reportedly labeled Boebert a "copycat" for copying her idea.

Greene's response suggests a sense of competition and territoriality within the GOP regarding the impeachment narrative. The incident reflects an intensifying acrimonious dynamic within the party, particularly among members of the right-wing Freedom Caucus, who aim to assert control over the party's agenda.

News of Greene's stinging new nickname for Greene came by way of a tweet by CNN reporter Annie Grayer.

Boebert's actions have exposed her to heavy criticism.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has advised fellow Republicans to vote against Boebert's impeachment proposal. He urged patience and emphasized the ongoing investigation led by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer into Biden's actions.

McCarthy suggested that if the investigation yields articles of impeachment, then the House should proceed with a vote. This approach indicates a desire for a more strategic and unified effort within the party, rather than a rushed impeachment process.

Boebert's resolution is likely to face significant opposition from Republicans, jeopardizing its chances of success.

Several GOP members, including Arkansas Representative French Hill and Florida Representative Carlos Gimenez, have indicated that they do not plan to support the motion. Many view the proposed impeachment as premature and advocate for a more thorough investigative process before considering such a step.