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After U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Contradicted Donald Trump in Sworn Testimony, Trump Says It's the Media's Fault, and Yeah, There's a Word For That

Credit: The White House

After CIA Director Gina Haspel and National Intelligence Director Dan Coats contradicted a number of President Donald Trump's foreign policy claims under oath, the President dismissed his own officials as "naive" and suggested they go back to school.

The officials contradicted Trump's claims that ISIS is largely destroyed, that North Korea is on a sure path to denuclearization, and that Iran poses an immediate nuclear threat.

Despite his public disagreements with these officials, the President is blaming the media for allegedly misrepresenting Trump's relationship with the intelligence leaders.

The President claimed that the media spun the leaders' testimonies, but the questioning was broadcast live in its entirety. The disagreements are coming from the officials themselves, exacerbated by the President's dismissal of their testimony and ability.

Many are accusing the President of "gaslighting," or deceiving a subject to the point that the victim begins to doubt their own judgment and sanity.

Indeed, Trump is attempting to distort reality and people are calling him out on it.As many pointed out, the testimony was aired live, in full, with no chance to be distorted.

Not to mention, Trump insulted the intelligence leaders only days before, doing a lot more to paint a picture of discord between them than the media did.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.