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The Daily Show Hilariously Cut Together Clips of Trump Doing Exactly the Things He Accuses Biden of Doing

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

With a bevy of both national and swing state polls signaling a potential victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November, President Donald Trump and his allies are continuing their campaign to sow doubt as to whether or not Biden is mentally fit for the Presidency.

While Biden has misspoken a number of times on the campaign trail, the Trump campaign's attempted portrait of Biden as a senile and incapable candidate doesn't seem to be changing many voters' minds.

This is especially true when factoring in Trump's own gaffes, many of which are the same—or worse—missteps he claims should be disqualifying for Biden.

Now, a video from The Daily Show is highlighting this hypocrisy by placing Trump's criticisms of Biden next to the President's own actions.

Watch below.

The video begins with one of Trump's digs on Biden's foreign policy acumen:

"Biden doesn't know the difference between Iran and Iraq."

It then cuts to an interview between Trump and Fox News' Maria Bartiromo, in which she has to correct Trump:

"Trump: We've just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq.

Bartiromo: Headed to Syria?

Trump: "Yes, heading toward Syria."

It only gets worse from there.

As a track plays of Trump falsely chastising Biden for not knowing where he is, video plays of Trump at an air terminal, not knowing where to walk. Over video of Trump trudging cautiously down a ramp, audio plays of him mocking Biden for his so-called slowness.

The video starkly displayed what critics say is utter hypocrisy on Trump's part.

A common accusation against Trump is that his insults are usually a result of him projecting his own faults on to others.

That accusation came up again in response to the video.

Trump's attacks on Biden are only expected to increase as the November election looms closer.