WATCH: Marc Short on Robert Mueller’s Investigation: ‘Scope Has Gone Well Beyond What Was Intended’

Certainly sounds like Mueller is on the chopping block.

On Sunday, on NBC’s Meet the Press, the White House Director of Legislative Affairs and Assistant to the President, Marc Short, stated the Trump administration’s doubts about the legitimacy of a Special Counsel appointed to head the Russia investigation.

Short was specifically responding to a question about a Tweet made by President Donald Trump on Friday. In his Tweet, the president seemed to question whether a “Special Council” (sic) should exist if former FBI director James Comey was involved in any part of the process.

In response to host Chuck Todd’s questions about the meaning of the president’s Tweet, Short stated,

I think the president expresses a lot of frustration with where the special counsel investigation is.”

When asked about the scope of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with members of the Trump campaign and administration, Short said,

I think that we all have frustrations that we believe that the scope has gone well beyond what was intended to be investigations into meddling in the election. And I think that the House and Senate have had their own investigations. The House has completed those. We’re anxious for the Senate to complete its.”

Short also made reference to a previous Special Counsel that investigated President Bill Clinton. However Short did not address one major difference between the two situations when raising the issue of congressional investigations precluding a need for a Special Counsel.

During the period of the Clinton presidency Short references, Republicans, the party of the opposition controlled both houses of Congress. Trump’s own party, not the opposition, would lead any congressional investigations.

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