The World Health Organization (WHO) is responsible for providing guidance regarding international public health, so people around the world are looking to the WHO during this global pandemic.

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While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, President Donald Trump took a view of the COVID-19 outbreak—better known as the coronavirus—others seem to have overlooked.

The President told the gathered press of the benefits the United States was reaping from the reported deaths of over 3,000 people so far.

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CBS Evening News

Maine Senator Susan Collins gained a reputation as a moderate Republican while serving as a junior Senator with well respected true moderate Senator Olympia Snowe.

When Maine's senior Senator retired after issuing a scathing rebuke of the direction the GOP was going, Collins became Maine's senior Senator.

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Ken Starr, a conservative pundit and frequent Fox News guest, is best known for his dogged attacks to find impeachable offenses by President Bill Clinton during a multi-year investigation into every aspect of the Clinton family's lives.

In the end, Starr found an extramarital affair which was used to impeach Clinton and that Clinton lied under oath about his personal life.

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images for HISTORY; PBS Newshour/YouTube

On Wednesday, a little before noon, President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the White House.

The address was described as incoherent, rambling, full of slurred words and contradictory messages and demonstrative of a bellicose foreign policy mindset.

And that was from conservative commentators.

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Liberals and moderates criticized President Donald Trump and the GOP driven tax breaks of 2017 even before they were enacted.

But now, after two years and ample proof the claims Trump and the Republican controlled Congress made when they pushed the plan through were false, more voices are joining in.

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Questions continue to be raised about the mental and physical health of President Donald Trump.

Slurred or rambling speech has been caught on camera at MAGA rallies and other presidential events.

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