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MyPillow Guy Gets Savagely Trolled During Live Interview by Guy Claiming to 'Love You Man'

MyPillow Guy Gets Savagely Trolled During Live Interview by Guy Claiming to 'Love You Man'
@BillRobens // Twitter

Founder and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, is one of former President Donald Trump's most loyal followers.

Lindell continues to absurdly claim that the 2020 election was "stolen" from Trump through widespread election fraud, and—even months after President Joe Biden's inauguration—still assures conservatives that Trump could be reinstated to the White House as early as this month.

For months, Lindell has insisted he has indisputable proof that the nonexistent widespread fraud actually exists, but he's yet to supply it or to give a coherent summary of what the "proof" exposes.

As a result, Lindell has become infamous for his continued grift, with even his fellow conspiracy theorists—like far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia—refuting his deranged assertion that Trump will eventually be reinstated.

This has made Lindell the subject of widespread mockery, as further evidenced by a recent video by Twitter user @BillRobens, which shows a man showering sarcastic praise on Lindell as he tries to focus on a live broadcast.

Watch below.

He says to Lindell:

"You're a true patriot! ... Don't let the libtards call you names. Don't let them call you an ethically dubious pillow pusher. Don't let them call you a marginally brain-addled corrupt goofball. You're doing great. Don't let them call you names is what I'm saying. ... Don't let them push you around or call you names like a completely clueless crazy old man who believes everything he reads on the internet."

Throughout the interaction, Lindell tries to shoo the mock-supporter away and get on with his broadcast, but the guy hilariously doesn't take the hint.

People admired the trolling.

People joined him in roasting Lindell.

Lindell will hold a "Cyber Symposium" later this month, which he claims could force President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to resign.