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Even 'Fox and Friends' Host Wasn't Having Pro-Trump Lawyer's False Vote Switching Claims

Even 'Fox and Friends' Host Wasn't Having Pro-Trump Lawyer's False Vote Switching Claims
Fox News // Fox News

Since losing the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden, President Donald Trump has refused to concede defeat.

His team has launched an array of baseless lawsuits across multiple state claiming voting irregularities, and members of his administration—particularly Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration—are refusing to sign the necessary paperwork for Biden to begin working with the White House to map out a transition.

Exacerbating this is the President's Twitter account, where Trump has fired off a days-long stream of lies that widespread voter fraud tipped the election to Biden, sowing distrust in the electoral process that's defined the United States since its inception.

In his most absurd claim yet, Trump tweeted that the election software Dominion "deleted" millions of Trump votes and switched 435,000 .

In reality, five counties in Michigan and Georgia experienced voting software malfunctions. Two of these counties used Dominion, but these problems were due to human errors and didn't affect the votes. This was confirmed by the Michigan Secretary of State and the New York Times.

That didn't stop George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley from trying to spread the false claims to the hosts and millions of viewers of Fox and Friends.

Watch below.

Turley said:

"We have had glitches in this. In Michigan, you have thousands of votes that were given to Biden that belonged to Trump."

Turley, who appeared in Trump's defense during the House Judiciary Committee hearings on impeachment last year, went on to say that the human errors should be further investigated and expanded to more Michigan counties.

Co-host Steve Doocy jumped in to correct him.

"I looked into it. With that Dominion software, five counties in Michigan and Georgia had problems, and the Dominion software was used in two of the counties, and in every instance, largely, it was human error ... but the software did not affect the vote counts."

Even the conservative Fox News network wasn't letting the lie go unchecked.

Twitter users far and wide admonished Turley for making such irresponsible claims as a legal expert.

The Biden administration will begin governing on January 20th, but claims like Trump and Turley are making could have irrevocable effects on American faith in the electoral process.