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Mike Lindell

MyPillow Guy's Offer To Pay $5 Million To Whoever Proves His Election Lies False Bites Him In The A**

Mike Lindell was ordered by an arbitration panel to pay cyber forensics expert Robert Zeidman $5 million for winning Lindell's 'Prove Mike Wrong' challenge.

Rudy Giuliani; John Oliver

John Oliver Expertly Rips Giuliani Spokesman's 'Pathetic' Attempt To Pull Him Away From Cameras After Verdict

John Oliver likened Rudy Giuliani's spokesman's attempt to usher him away from cameras to the film 'Weekend At Bernie's.'

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell Now Claims He Has Proof Every MAGA Arizona Candidate Won—And Here We Go Again

The MyPillow CEO is once again claiming the election was stolen from the likes of Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

Rupert Murdoch in front of Fox News headquarters in New York

Dominion Voting Systems Drops A Second Bombshell Filing Against Fox News

Chairman Rupert Murdoch finds himself in the hot seat.

Tucker Carlson; Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson Called Trump A 'Demonic Force' In Jan 6th E-mail To Producer New Filing Shows

New filing in Fox News Dominion lawsuit revealed texts from Tucker Carlson to his producer Alex Pfieffer in which he slammed Trump as 'demonic' and a 'destroyer.'

Donald Trump; Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump Just Shared A Meme Attacking Ron DeSantis As A 'Groomer'–And 2024 Has Begun

Donald Trump reposted a meme of Ron DeSantis 'grooming high school girls with alcohol' on Truth Social.

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