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Pro-Trump Congressman Rips Nikki Haley for 'Eulogizing' Trump After Saying 'Law Must Be Followed' in Vote Count

Pro-Trump Congressman Rips Nikki Haley for 'Eulogizing' Trump After Saying 'Law Must Be Followed' in Vote Count
Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images // John Lamparski/Getty Images

With a victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden over President Donald Trump looking more and more inevitable, the President is refusing to accept a loss.

In the culmination of a months-long campaign to sow distrust in American democracy, Trump and his campaign are falsely insisting–without evidence—that widespread voter fraud in Biden's favor occurred on a scale enough to tip the election.

Trump gave a press conference on Thursday evening to claim that he "easily" won the election if only the "legal" votes were counted, falsely implying that the millions of mail votes cast for Biden were illegal.

The screed, given from the East Room of the White House, alarmed Americans across the country. For the first time in modern American history, a likely losing incumbent would not concede in the face of defeat.

As with many of Trump's scandals and gaffes over the years, Republican lawmakers and political figures were left with the choice of standing up for long-established norms or defending Trump's actions to remain in the good graces of his devout supporters.

The President's sons, Don Jr. and Eric, didn't think this was happening fast enough.

One of those "2024 hopefuls" mentioned by Don Jr. is Trump's former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who posted a tweet saying "the law must be followed."

Continuing his legacy of fealty to the Trump administration and those in its web, far-right Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) raged against Haley for not coming to Trump's defense vocally enough.

Gaetz made sure to make the President's sons proud, with Eric Trump "liking" the tweet.

But Twitter users thought the display of devotion was pathetic.

It wasn't the only instance of Republican infighting this week.

The QAnon conspiracy theorist turned Congresswoman-elect, Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA), took aim at longtime Trump devotee Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for not fighting hard enough for Trump.

The exchange only devolved into more nonsense from there.

After four years of sycophancy to Trump from Republican lawmakers, some took joy in seeing them fight over Trump's favor in the face of his near-inevitable loss.

Votes across the nation continue to be counted.