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Trump Supporters Tried To Illegally Access Michigan Voting Systems 11 Times To Prove Trump's Big Lie
Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In an attempt to prove former Republican President Donald Turmp's oft-repeated lie he won the 2020 election, some of his supporters tried to hack into Michigan's voting system—11 separate times—according to a recent Reuters report.

In addition to the 11 attempts in Michigan, at least 6 more incidents of attempts to illegally access voting equipment or records have been reported across the country.

Michigan's Secretary of State, Democrat Jocelyn Benson, said the state is currently investigating to determine if there was any greater coordination tying these attempted breaches together.

"If there is coordination, whether it's among those in our state or reaching up to a national level, we can determine that and then we can seek accountability for all involved."

Twitter users have had enough, many called for serious consequences for those involved in illegally accessing voting information.

Some were concerned about potential future election interference with the information gained from these attempts.

Some folks questioned how many as-yet-unreported incidences of attempts to illegally access voting equipment and voter records there may have been.

All of the counties where the breaches happened were counties Trump actually won in 2020, as confirmed by multiple audits. In addition, the Republican-controlled Michigan state senate also performed its own investigation and found no evidence of voter or election fraud.

A criminal investigation into the breaches was announced by Benson back in February.

Both Michigan state police and the attorney general's office declined to comment on the investigation when contacted by Reuters.