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MyPillow Guy Mocked After Predicting Biden and Harris Will Resign on August 13th

MyPillow Guy Mocked After Predicting Biden and Harris Will Resign on August 13th
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Even some of the most radical conservatives have abandoned the belief that former President Donald Trump—who continues to lie about the validity of the 2020 election—will be reinstated to the White House in the near future.

But MyPillow founder and prominent conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell still absurdly insists that he has proof the 2020 election was corrupted; proof which he hasn't supplied and which he erroneously believes will lead to Trump's reinstatement.

For his latest grift, the deranged pillow peddler is plugging his "cyber symposium" in South Dakota next month, which he claims will be bigger than Elvis' famous 1973 Aloha From Hawaii broadcast. He also promises that he'll uncover so-called evidence regarding the 2020 election for real this time.

Though Lindell has, for months, said Trump will be suddenly reinstated, he now assures that the evidence revealed in the cyber symposium will compel President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to resign out of principle.

Watch Lindell's latest fantasy below.

The MyPillow CEO said:

"Once we have the symposium, by the night of the 12 or the morning of the 13—and everyone has seen it including the administration that's in there now, that didn't win—maybe Biden and Harris would say, 'Hey, we're here to protect the country' and resign."

It's worth noting that Lindell's business has become inseparable from his right-wing disinformation, touting pro-Trump and QAnon-adjacent discount codes for MyPillow customers.

People almost felt sorry for Lindell's continued delusion.

People also reminded him who's next in the presidential line of succession if both the President and Vice President resign: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California—a favorite enemy of the right.

It's unclear what Lindell plans to reveal at the symposium.