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Christian 'Prophet' Tells Eric That God Will 'Bring Back' Trump: 'We Don't Have To Wait For An Election'

The self-described 'prophet' Julie Green told Eric that his father will be returned to the Presidency by God 'in unconventional ways.'

Twitter screenshot Julie Green; Donald Trump
@RonFilipkowski/Twitter; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Julie Green—a self-proclaimed Christian "prophet" who runs the Evangelical organization Julie Green Ministries—told Eric Trump God will "bring back" his father, former Republican President Donald Trump, to the White House without the need for an actual election.

Green made clear she does not accept Democratic President Joe Biden as the "righful" winner of the 2020 general election, which Trump has falsely claimed was stolen despite all evidence to the contrary.

While she could not elaborate exactly as to how she expects God to "bring back" Trump to Washington, her words underscore the blatantly antidemocratic beliefs of Trump's far-right Evangelical base and their unwillingness to accept the results of an election Biden won decisively.

You can hear what Green said in the video below.

Green said:

"One of the things that God keeps saying to me over and over and over again, over and over, is that he is going to bring back your father in unconventional ways and he keeps saying that over and over and over again."
"We don't have to wait for a man's way of doing things, like an election, in order to bring someone who's actually rightfully the elected President of the United States of America. I still call him President. I will never call Biden 'President' because he's not."
"I don't know exactly how God's going to do it. He doesn't give me that type of information but he does give me the fact that what he's gonna do is he's bringing him back, and I don't know how he's gonna do that, but I can't wait to see them fall and I can't wait to see what God is going to do with you."

Eric Trump called Green's words "beautiful" and said he "believe[s] it 100 percent" before they proceeded to pray together.

Many were disturbed by Green's seditious remarks.

Green joins a long line of self-proclaimed prophets who suggested Trump will be returned to power soon and embraced his repeatedly disproven conspiracy theories about the integrity of the 2020 election.

For instance, Tennessee pastor Greg Locke said after Trump’s loss he would “100 percent remain President of the United States for another term.” Similarly, Florida preacher Kat Kerr has claimed more than once Trump will serve for eight years in office after winning the election “by a landslide."

Still, the belief Trump's candidacy was an apparent gift from God has persisted for years among Evangelicals, who played a major role in sending Trump to the White House in 2016 and would likely play a critical role throughout his recently-announced 2024 campaign.

In 2018, Evangelical leader Franklin Graham claimed God chose Trump to be President because though Trump "did everything wrong as a candidate," he still won the 2016 presidential election, a sign God had "put him" in the White House as intended.