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Ted Cruz Tried to Come for Dan Rather as a 'Professional Liar' and He Instantly Regretted It

Ted Cruz Tried to Come for Dan Rather as a 'Professional Liar' and He Instantly Regretted It
Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images // Robby Klein/Getty Images

Veteran journalist Dan Rather reported on American politics for decades and, even after his retirement, continues to enjoy a substantial social media following for his takes on the state of the union.

One such quip of Rather's got the attention of his home state Senator, Republican Ted Cruz of Texas.

Rather joked that a trigger warning was needed for when Cruz or Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas trended on Twitter.

Cruz, who often engages in social media feuds as a U.S. Senator, responded by calling Rather a "professional liar."

Rather was on the scene at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and one of the first to report on the aftermath—reporting that eventually got him a promotion to White House correspondent for CBS News. He went on to gain national notoriety for his coverage of the Watergate Scandal and became a mainstay in news circles for decades.

Social media users overwhelmingly sided with Rather.

Ted Cruz was embroiled in scandal earlier this year when frigid winter storms left millions in his state of Texas without power. Cruz and his family jetted to Cancún, Mexico to enjoy the sunny weather away from the cold.

People didn't hesitate to remind him of that.

When Rather quipped that some Texans understood satire, unlike Cruz, the Senator took that as an admission that CBS News is satire—despite Rather no longer working for CBS News.