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Ted Cruz; Joe Biden

Ted Cruz Instantly Fact-Checked After Lying About Biden's Response To Attack On Israel

Senator Ted Cruz blatantly lied, claiming Joe Biden took 'days' to say the U.S. 'stands with Israel' after the attack by Hamas, and got fact-checked by X notes.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Uses Bible To Shoot Down Pastor Who Defended Putting LGBTQ+ People To Death

Ted Cruz took to Twitter to dispute Pastor Tom Ascol's claim that putting gay people to death is 'law' of 'God.'

Fox News screenshot of Ted Cruz speaking out against Dylan Mulvaney, represented in Instagram footage

Ted Cruz Demands Probe Into Anheuser-Busch's Dylan Mulvaney Deal: It's Like 'Joe The Camel'

Ted Cruz sent the CEO of Anheuser-Busch a letter asking them to cut ties with Dylan Mulvaney after Bud Light influencer deal.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Gets History Lesson After Ripping NAACP's Florida 'Travel Advisory' For Black Americans

Historian Kevin Kruse brought the receipts after Cruz claimed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be 'ashamed' of NAACP's Florida 'travel advisory.'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz; NBA Coach Gregg Popovich

NBA Coach Rips Ted Cruz For Plan For Armed Guards In Schools–And Cruz Is Not Handling It All That Well

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich questioned Ted Cruz's plan to place armed guards in schools: 'Is that freedom?'

Screenshots of Tim Scott and Jonathan Karl

News Anchor Shames Tim Scott To His Face For Claiming Joe Biden Is 'Complicit' In Hamas Attack

Jonathan Karl took Senator Tim Scott to task for making the outrageous claim that somehow Joe Biden was 'complicity' in Hamas' attack on Israel.

Instagram photo of Claudia Conway; Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Just Brutally Mocked The GOP With A Series Of Shady Twitter Polls

Claudia Conway has already taken aim at the likes of Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Representative Chip Roy

GOP Rep. Demands To Know 'One Thing' Republican Majority Has Done—And Team Biden Pounced

GOP Rep. Chip Roy stood up on the floor of the House demanding that anyone in the Republican Party tell him "one thing" that their House majority has done, and Biden campaign wasted no time posting it.

Ted Cruz Calls Out Trump For Sitting On $100 Million Heading Into The Election

Ted Cruz Calls Out Trump For Sitting On $100 Million Heading Into The Election

Ted Cruz spoke on 'The Verdict' and called Trump's refusal to use his $100 million to help GOP candidates 'not ideal.'

Split image with a screenshot of a Fox News broadcast showing police outside of Nashville's Covenant School on the left and a screenshot from a surveillance video of the shooter entering the school after shooting out a set of glass doors on the right.

Surveillance Video Debunks Right-Wing Claim That Nashville Shooter Entered Through 'Open' Side Door

Covenant School surveillance footage showed the assailant shooting through a glass door to enter the building, contrary to rightwing lies about an 'open' side door.

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