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CBS Had to Bleep Out Colbert's Reaction to the Network Hiring Trump's Ex-Chief of Staff as On-Air Analyst

Critics of former President Donald Trump have decried efforts from former members of his administration to sanitize their reputations by joining high profile, usually conservative media companies.

Trump's first White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, began hosting a show on far-right disinformation outlet, Newsmax after a brief stint on Dancing with the Stars. Trump's fourth and final press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, joined Fox News as a contributor, while Trump's former National Economic Council director, Larry Kudlow, hosts a show on Fox Business.

Most recently, Trump's former acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, sparked outrage after finalizing a deal to join CBS as a political analyst. CBS co-president Neeraj Khemlani defended the decision to employees, saying Mulvaney's appointment would give the network "access" to Republicans, whom Khemlani predicts will retake a congressional majority after the 2022 midterms. Nevertheless, the Washington Post reports that a number of CBS employees are "embarrassed," fearing that Mulvaney's appointment has tarnished the network's reputation.

It looks like Stephen Colbert can be counted among those employees. He currently hosts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, and called out his own network in a recent profane segment.

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Colbert acknowledged the criticism the network has undergone in the wake of Mulvaney's hiring.

He jokingly introduced himself, saying:

"For more, we go to the Late Show's own media analyst, Stephen Colbert. Stephen, your thoughts?"

Then, Colbert turned directly to the camera and exclaimed:

"What the f**k?"

The studio audience cheered for more than 10 seconds, before Colbert mockingly said he looked forward to "Mulvaney's trenchant and objective political analysis" before highlighting some of Mulvaney's most controversial moves while working in the White House, noting Mulvaney not only called coronavirus the "media hoax of the day," but also defended Trump throughout the 2019 Ukraine scandal and erroneously predicted Trump would "concede gracefully" if he lost the 2020 election.

Social media users praised his condemnation of the network's latest shakeup.

Some even called for a boycott of the network.

It remains to be seen if CBS will reverse the decision.