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Tucker Makes Veiled Threat Against GOP Rep. Over Crack About Carlson's Son

Tucker Carlson taunts Rep. Emmer after unnamed GOP strategist makes crack about hiring Buckley Carlson.

Tucker Makes Veiled Threat Against GOP Rep. Over Crack About Carlson's Son
Janos Kummer/Getty Images; Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, recently made a thinly veiled threat against a GOP representative because he believes one of his staff made a disparaging remark about nepotism and his son Buckley Carlson.

Carlson believes a member Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer's staff is responsible for a quote in a Daily Beast article from last week which was credited to an anonymous "GOP strategist."

The anonymous comment was more disparaging of Indiana Representative Jim Banks, current Republican Study Committee Chairman and possible Republican Whip hopeful if the Republicans win control of the House in the 2022 midterm elections next month.

"Deep down, he dies to be liked by the Establishment. He hires Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director."

Because Banks is possibly going to be contending with Emmer for the position of Whip, some assumed the strategist who made the comment was one of his staffers. Apparently Carlson was among them.

According to Axios, Carlson was so incensed by the quote he called GOP Representative Emmer and demanded he either reveal the name of the person who made the remark or Carlson would assume Emmer himself was responsible.

Though Emmer denied any of his staff were involved, Carlson didn't believe him and "made clear to Emmer that he now had a personal problem with him."

Journalist Judd Legum thoroughly mapped out the issue in a thread on Twitter.

He didn't stay at the entry level for long though.

On his way up again.

If only everyone had this kind of upward mobility.

The case for nepotism might already seem pretty strong.

But there's definitely more and it involves someone most almost definitely aren't expecting.

It kinda seems like Buckley Carlson's Communications Director position has rather different job duties than are usual for that job title, too.

He's got great connections though.

Carlson's vendetta against Emmer caused a rift in the Republican party.

Some like Donald Trump Jr and Marjorie Taylor Greene stand with Carlson while others side with Emmer.

Greene couldn't resist getting in one more little bit of criticism in a followup tweet.

National Republican Congressional Committee communications director Michael McAdams defended Emmer, saying:

"Chairman Emmer and his staff have never attacked any other members' staff. Period. These baseless accusations are meant to distract and divide Republicans. Our focus is on retaking the majority and firing Nancy Pelosi."

Twitter users were largely incredulous about the whole situation, with some taking the opportunity to lambaste the whole Republican party...

...and Tucker Carlson for good measure.

This rift between Carlson, who has an extremely devoted fanbase who are often influenced by what he says during his show, may have a significant effect on Emmer's image with GOP voters, and Carlson knows it—hence the ultimatum.

Will Tucker Carlson attempt to use his influence to affect Emmer's political career?

We'll soon find out.