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For much of the public, right-wing Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has become more infamous for his social media stunts than his legislative achievements.

From failing to crop out his search history in a screenshot to getting roasted by a war hero for his take on a Russian military ad, these stunts often backfire. The Senator somehow has time for Twitter spats with everyone from Seth Rogen to Dan Rather to Trevor Noah.

Cruz's most recent Twitter snafu was in response to news that President Joe Biden would be traveling to Nantucket, Massachusetts for Thanksgiving.

Cruz responded by reciting the opening line of an infamous dirty limerick that utilizes certain phrases which rhyme with "Nantucket."

Earlier this year, as Cruz's state of Texas faced devastating winter storms that decimated its independent power grid, the Senator flew to sunny Cancún, Mexico as hundreds of his constituents froze to death. After national outcry, Cruz returned early and claimed he was just escorting his family to the tropical getaway. As lawmakers like Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York raised millions of dollars in relief for the state, Cruz staged a photo-op of himself carrying bottles of water to a car trunk in an empty parking lot.

This was what crossed people's minds as they responded with limericks of their own.

But not all the responses were Cancun related.

Cruz's immaturity apparently knows no bounds.

Cruz has yet to expand on the meaning of the post.