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Supreme Court of the United States Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Justice Jackson Schools Alabama Lawyer On Race-Based Intent Of Founders In Voting Rights Case

Newest SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson gave Alabama's Edmund LaCour a history lesson on the 14th Amendment.

Lauren Boebert; Matt Gaetz; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republicans’ Problems Are Already Baked Into Their Party’s Genetics

The Republican Party is not only in disarray but will likely wind up shooting itself in the face many times over the next two years.

Andy Biggs

GOP Rep. Admits Hyped Witness 'Didn't Know Anything' About Purported Biden Crime

Rep. Andy Biggs had to admit that hyped witness Devon Archer 'didn't know anything' about a supposed Biden 'bribe' alleged by Republicans.

Republican Representatives Jason Smith, Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy, Kay Granger and Steve Scalise

Let The GOP Hunger Games Begin—The Fight For Speaker Of The House

Despite having a majority in the House, Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy—longtime House Minority Leader—still does not appear to have the votes to ascend to the Speakership.

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