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Trump Supporter Threatens to Blow up Two City Blocks Near Capitol in Chilling Video: 'I'm Ready to Die' (DEVELOPING)
Ray Roseberry/Facebook

UPDATE (2:37 PM): Roseberry has surrendered after a standoff with law enforcement.


The Library of Congress and the Supreme Court have been evacuated after a man known as Ray Roseberry of Earl, North Carolina parked his pickup truck, loaded with explosives powerful enough, he claims to decimate two and a half city blocks.

On Thursday afternoon, Roseberry began streaming live on Facebook, announcing that the "revolution" had arrived and demanding to speak to President Joe Biden.

Facebook has since shut down both Roseberry's account and his livestream, but chilling portions of it have been shared on social media.

Roseberry said at one point:

"If you blow my truck up, man, hey, it's on you, Joe. I'm ready to die for the cause. And, brother, you said if you could do anything to save one life, one life, you said you'd do it. You got a chance. I wanna go home Sunday. I wanna go home and see my wife. We're living in a free country, Joe. Choice is yours. If you wanna shoot me, and take the chance of blowing up two and a half city blocks ... I don't wanna die, Joe. I wanna go home."

Roseberry claimed his explosive has a "dead man's trigger," which detonates once a human operator's pulse drops below a certain level, signifying death or loss of consciousness. He further claimed the explosives would be detonated at the sound of breaking glass. What's more, Roseberry says there are four other "patriots" spread across D.C.

Journalist Emily Gorcenski scoured Roseberry's social media to paint a more detailed picture of his motivations and ideology.

The disturbing scene embodied the continued national spiral into derangement and extremism, largely prompted by the right wing's embrace of nationalism and conspiracy theories.

Further demonstrating the grip of right-wing conspiracy theories on the nation, "false flag" soon began trending on Twitter, with people baselessly claiming Roseberry's terrorism was manufactured by the state as a distraction from the chaos engulfing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

The threat is still active and the situation still unfolding.