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Trump Dragged for Claiming Media Reporting on Pandemic Should Be 'an Election Law Violation'
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

With over 200 thousand Americans dead and millions more unemployed, the United States' response to the pandemic is one of the most consequential issues facing voters at the ballot box this election.

While President Donald Trump continues to paint a rosy picture of the progress made in containing the virus, the U.S. shattered its single-day record of new cases on Friday and hospitalizations have skyrocketed from seven percent to 15 percent in just three days.

Nevertheless, Trump has insisted for 36 of the past 54 days that the U.S. is "rounding the turn" on the virus. He continues to hold rallies with thousands of supporters, even as his own White House sees internal infections yet again.

On Twitter, the President scorned the media for not covering the virus as positively as he'd prefer, and asserted that expansive coverage of the worsening conditions should be a violation of election law.

Despite the relevance of the virus to everyday Americans, Trump was insisting that coverage of it was unfair to him.

Trump's tweet hardly did him any favors with only eight days to go before the election that decides whether or not he'll become a two term President.

The presidential election is on November third, but early voting is underway in at least 40 states.