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People Are Calling Out Ivanka's Hypocrisy After She Praises Her Father for Prioritizing 'Skills' in Government Hiring
The White House

President Donald Trump sparked controversy at the beginning of his administration when he appointed his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, along with her husband Jared as senior White House advisors.

Despite her main qualifications being in the realm of shoe design and working at her father's business, Ivanka has since hobnobbed with world leaders at crucial summits and launched job initiatives. The President falsely credits her with creating millions of jobs.

The President's daughter said in a video that Trump would announce a new hiring protocol emphasizing skill, rather than experience, education, or career checkpoints.

Considering Ivanka's lack of qualifications for ssenior advisor to the President of the United States—even if said President is her father—the video hit all the wrong notes.

Watch below.

She says in the video:

"It's incredibly important to [Trump] that he fills federal job vacancies based on people having the skill, the passion, the drive, the competency to do the job, not purely based on outdated career or licensure requirements."

People couldn't handle the lack of self awareness.

In addition to Trump hiring his daughter as a senior advisor, the Trump White House has the highest turnover rate in modern presidential history. Numerous departures from the Trump White House led to Trump railing against his former employees on Twitter.

His own Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, said Trump "didn't hire very well."

Some think the main skill the White House will be looking for is loyalty to Trump.

Shortly after the White House released the video, "Nepotism Barbie" began trending on Twitter.