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The audience at a Fox News town hall cheered when Fox News moderator Bret Baier asked if they'd be "willing to transition to a government-run system," signaling support for Medicare for All. The moment was caught on camera at a town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, yesterday where Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) drummed up support for his 2020 presidential campaign.

“I want to ask the audience a question, if you could raise your hand here,” Baier said. “A show of hands of how many people get their insurance from work, private insurance right now.”

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After CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins was banned from President Donald Trump's Rose Garden event with the president of the European Commission on Wednesday, Fox News veteran Bret Baier––who hosts Special Report with Bret Baier on the network––came to her defense.

Speaking in his capacity as a fellow member of the White House Press Pool, Baier said he, along with Fox News, "stands firmly" with CNN on the issue of press access.

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