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Ted Lieu; Donald Trump

Dem Rep Schools Trump On Constitution After He Claimed 'Government' Should Punish MSNBC For Bad Media Coverage

Rep. Ted Lieu took to X to give Donald Trump a much needed civics lesson after the former president seemed to think MSNBC should be punished by the government for criticizing him.

Ted Lieu; Donald Trump

Dem Rep. Calls Out Trump's 'Cesspool Of Corruption' In Brutal Takedown Of House GOP

Rep. Ted Lieu had FBI Director Christopher Wray confirm it was Trump's own Attorneys General who prosecuted Trump's corrupt

Ted Lieu; Nikki Haley

Dem Rep. Perfectly Shames Nikki Haley For Asking If Anyone Remembers 'How Simple Life Was' Growing Up

After Nikki Haley asked if people remembered 'how simple life was' when it was just about 'faith, family, and country,' Rep. Ted Lieu made her absolutely regret it.

Kevin McCarthy; Ted Lieu

Kevin McCarthy Tried To Claim Biden Indicted Trump—And A Dem Rep Just Shut Him Down

After Donald Trump was criminally indicted in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, Kevin McCarthy made an outraged statement accusing Joe Biden of indicting Trump.

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Made Three Big Mistakes—Can He Overcome Them?

McCarthy tried and failed three times to roll the heavy, treasonous GOP ball up Capitol Hill to reach his long-sought role as Speaker.

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