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Trump Slammed For Claiming His 'Personality' Was What 'Kept Us Out Of War' When He Was President
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent invasion of Ukraine, former President Donald Trump and his allies have leapt to blame President Joe Biden, claiming it was Biden's so-called weak leadership that gave Putin the confidence to escalate tensions in the region.

They continue to insist that Putin never would have invaded Ukraine under Trump, who has referred to Putin's strategy as "smart" and "genius." Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said Putin never would've taken the step because he supposedly knew Trump would level Russia with retaliatory strikes.

Now, Trump himself says it wasn't fear of retaliation, but his "personality" that would've kept the peace between Russia and Ukraine.

Trump told a crowd of supporters at his recent rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

"It was my personality that kept us out of war. I was the only president in four decades who did not get America into any conflicts, except I totally defeated ISIS. Other nations should not mistake Joe Biden's weakness for America's weakness. American power, American might, American leadership will soon be back and it will be back bigger and stronger than ever before."

Trump's claim that his administration defeated ISIS is questionable at best, and it's unclear what facets of his personality he believes kept the United States out of new conflicts.

Social media users scoffed at the claim.

And though Trump didn't start any major new conflicts overseas, his critics pointed to the toxic divisions his rhetoric imposed upon the United States.

Some would argue that it was also Trump's personality that lost him the 2020 election.