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Dem. Rep. Shames GOP Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws By 'Reciting' What Jesus 'Said About Homosexuality'

Dem. Rep. Shames GOP Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws By 'Reciting' What Jesus 'Said About Homosexuality'

In 2020, Republicans included attacks on LGBTQ+ rights and equality as part of their party platform—wrapped in excuses of family and child safety concerns and religious devotion.

Since then, the Republicans elected to Congress, governorships and state legislatures across the country have pushed their anti-LGBTQ+ agenda—often citing and supported by Evangelical Christianity.

California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu decided it was time to address the homophobia and transphobia in the room in remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Lieu expressed his own alarm over the "historic wave of bills targeting LGBTQ teens, children and their families" in anti-LGBTQ+ Republican legislation.

The California Democrat then referred to a Washington Post article which quoted Republicans' own concerns their party's attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, embrace of an Evangelical Christian theocracy and White Christian nationalism were going too far.

In response to the GOP's "because Jesus" excuse for their bigotry, Representative Lieu stated:

"I just thought I would recite for you what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality."

You can hear those Christian biblical references here:

Lieu stood at the podium, looking at his fellow lawmakers in complete silence for about 20 seconds before he yielded the floor.

It's not the first time Lieu has debunked people blaming Jesus for their own bigotry.

People applauded Lieu's powerful rebuttal of Republican bigotry.

As one person on Twitter responded:

"Few direct quotes from God or Jesus in every version (even corrupted King James) of Christian Bible. Exactly 0 address LGBTQ+."
"7 excerpts address adultery, covetous lust & temple whores. Men who make $ off hate misinform the gullible & simple-minded they mean God hates LGBTQ+."
"Actual biblical scholars realized long ago those verses are 1, religious leaders addressing specific group's behaviors—not a universal message for humanity and 2, address the 10 Commandments/Law of Moses sins of adultery, covetous lust and 3, the pre-Christian use of temple whores after conversion to Christianity (Romans)."
"Anyone still claiming otherwise hasn't studied the Bible or history in context or knows it's BS, but also know ignorant hate puts $ in Christian pockets. But why believe what a Seton Hall educated Jesuit priest dedicated to biblical scholarship taught when rando Twitter dudes say otherwise?"


Lieu’s statement on GOP legislative bigotry—debunking their "but Jesus" excuse—was part of a one-minute speech afforded House members to address fellow lawmakers on any subject before or after the legislative day.

A fitting choice during LGBTQ+ Pride Month.