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Liz Cheney; Ronna McDaniel

Liz Cheney Hits Ronna McDaniel With Brutal Reality Check After McDaniel Says She 'Took One For The Team' As RNC Chair

After Ronna McDaniel tried to whitewash her complicity in Donald Trump's fake elector scheme, Liz Cheney hit her with a stark reality check about her actions as RNC chair.

Laura Loomer; Donald Trump

Pro-Trump Influencer Claims Iowa Caucuses Are Being 'Rigged' Using 'Weather Manipulation'—And Hoo Boy

Laura Loomer raised eyebrows with a bonkers conspiracy claiming the 'deep state' is in cahoots with Nikki Haley are manipulating the weather using HAARP 'weather manipulation' technology.

Adam Kinzinger; Lauren Boebert

Adam Kinzinger Gets Into Tense Twitter Spat With Boebert After She Says 'Real Men Aren't Women'

The former GOP Rep. accused the MAGA Rep. of 'debasing the whole profession' with her pot-stirring tweet.

Liz Cheney; Donald Trump

Trump Fires Back At Liz Cheney's Claim He Was 'Depressed' With Bizarre Admission

Donald Trump clapped back at Liz Cheney on Truth Social, attempting to fact check her claim that he wasn't eating after he lost the 2020 election.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Mocked Over Misleading Navy SEAL Claim

After Ron DeSantis implied that he served as a Navy SEAL during the GOP debate, X users are mocking him with overblown Navy SEAL claims of their own.

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Donald Trump says claims he called for 'termination' of the Constitution are 'disinformation and lies.'

A split image with Paul Pelosi on the left and Elon Musk on the right

Elon Musk Just Apologized For Spreading Paul Pelosi Attack Conspiracy–With Even More Disinformation About The Attack

Elon Musk was criticized for his 'nonetheless, I apologize' tweet after Juanita Broaddrick spread the lie that Paul Pelosi and his attacker were both in their underwear.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes at a Trump MAGA rally in 2017 and on video chat in 2021

Oath Keeper Founder Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy For Capitol Riot—And Why That Matters

Stewart Rhodes was convicted of seditious conspiracy for his role in the January 6 Capitol riot.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Tries To Cover His Tracks After Being Called Out For Amplifying Russian Propaganda

Elon Musk asks Twitter Community Notes to factcheck Russian Market's tweet claiming 150,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed—which appears to be Russian propaganda—after tweeting back to the account.

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