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GOP Rep Was Asked What He'll Tell His Newborn About Trump—And He Had a Brutally Relatable Response

GOP Rep Was Asked What He'll Tell His Newborn About Trump—And He Had a Brutally Relatable Response

Despite voting in line with former President Donald Trump's agenda more than 90 percent of the time, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois has been cast out by the right for condemning Trump's election conspiracies and his role in inciting the deadly failed insurrection against the United States Capitol last year. Kinzinger is one of two Republicans serving on the House Select Committee investigating the origins of the Capitol attack.

Kinzinger has been rejected by family members who have accused him of treason. Along with fellow Republican representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, he's been censured by the national Republican Party, who referred to the events of January 6 as "legitimate political discourse." Last fall, Kinzinger told followers he wouldn't be running for reelection.

Amid this backlash from his party, Kinzinger announced the birth of his baby boy late last month.

In a recent interview with CNN's John Burman, Kinzinger was asked what he would tell his son about Trump in the future.

Watch below.

Kinzinger didn't hold back, telling Berman:

"I'm gonna tell him [Trump] was the worst President the United States of America ever had, and he was a liar. He was a charlatan. And he was a man with a most fragile ego I ever met, which the irony of it is, he walks around like the tough guy but he's the one that gets more offended and wounded and sad than anybody I know."

The Congressman added:

"I'm also gonna tell him it was the moment that I hope America hit the bottom of its slide toward authoritarianism, and the moment we woke up."

Others agreed.

Others joked that Kinzinger's characterization wasn't accurate enough.

Though he won't be running for reelection, Kinzinger promises his tenure in Congress won't be the end of his political career.