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Nikki Haley Just Resigned As Trump's UN Ambassador, and People Think Ivanka Is Going to Be Trump's Pick to Replace Her


Nikki Haley Just Resigned As Trump's UN Ambassador, and People Think Ivanka Is Going to Be Trump's Pick to Replace Her
(National Archives and Alex Wong/Getty Images)

*this story has been updated, see end for latest information

A little before 10:30am EST, both President Donald Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders teased of big news to come from the Oval Office.

They took to Twitter to inform the public. President Trump posted:

"Big announcement with my friend Ambassador Nikki Haley in the Oval Office at 10:30am."

Which Sanders echoed.

The announcement? United Nations Ambassador and former Republican Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley will leave her position at the UN in December.

Watch the announcement here.

However one portion of Haley's remarks drew more attention than others from people speculating about the latest departure from the Trump administration. Haley gave effusive praise to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and people think that means something.

Watch it here.

So why the speculation?

People who track online activity by the Trump administration on Twitter noticed a number of new account follows by First daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump yesterday.

That coincidence led some to speculate on Haley's UN replacement.

People quickly picked up the theory, but few gave ringing endorsements for a UN ambassador post for Trump's eldest daughter with ex-wife Ivana.

However some predicted an even larger shuffle on tap.

Many speculated that South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's vociferous, rancorous defense of Trump's SCOTUS nominee and frequent mentions of his being a former prosecutor were an audition for Jeff Sessions job as Attorney General. Meaning someone from South Carolina might be needed to fill a vacated GOP Senate seat.

While others pointed out Haley's specific praise of the President's son-in-law's negotiating skills.

People speculated that it might be Jared Kushner, not Ivanka Trump who heads to the UN to replace Nikki Haley.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to return Haley's praise.

And a little before 5:30pm EST, Ivanka Trump cleared up rumors stating she would not be headed to the UN.

Haley is not schedule to leave her position at the UN until December.