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Ann Coulter Just Called Out Donald Trump for Threatening Iran on Twitter, but Not for the Reason You Think


Conservative commentator Ann Coulter attacked President Donald Trump Monday on Twitter, accusing him of the same thing many liberals have: using Iran as a distraction for his current Russian woes.

But unlike others, who urged the President to focus on Flint's water, Puerto Rico's hurricane recovery or reuniting families separated by his Department of Homeland Security, Coulter directed Trump elsewhere:

Trump's long promised as yet unrealized border wall.

"Iran is not our problem. You want to distract them from Russia, [President Trump]? Start building the wall," Coulter tweeted.

Coulter —who is currently not employed by any major television or radio networks or major news publishers— still writes a column featured on six conservative websites: Human Events Online, WorldNetDaily,, VDARE, FrontPageMag, Jewish World Review and on her own web site.

In 2016, Coulter published the book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! but fell out of favor with many of the President's supporters over her repeated criticisms of him. Coulter's continued influence in conservative circles continues to wane in favor of younger social media darlings like Tomi Lahren or those with regular programs on Fox News like Laura Ingraham.

Her latest criticism of Trump, posted Monday around 10:30am EST, garnered only 3,470 likes, 830 retweets and 445 comments by 3:30pm. Meanwhile a post by Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg from roughly the same time already had over 20,750 likes, 5,100 retweets and 1,100 comments.

Coulter may still be talking, but is anyone actively listening?

A review of her recent tweets show paltry responses, well below 1,000 likes on most, for an account with 1.99 million followers from Coulter's heyday.

For the most part, Coulter only gets attention on social media when she invokes the name of —and tags the account of— President Trump.

Responses to Coulter's tweet today are an interesting mix of people applauding her for staying on target with the MAGA hardline "Build the Wall" rhetoric...

...and those attacking her for criticizing Trump...

...with a few more balanced responses that politely agreed or disagreed with Coulter's take on Trump and Iran...

...and some that pointed to even more sinister issues.

Meanwhile President Trump mentioned Coulter once on Twitter back in 2016. He has as yet not responded to her latest tweet directed at him.