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Donald Trump Just Made a Deal With Democrats to Re-Open the Government, and Now Ann Coulter Has a New Nickname For Him


On Friday, President Donald Trump announced a deal with Democrats to re-open the government for three weeks while negotiations on border security continue. The interim funding will allow federal employees in the nine agencies impacted by the shutdown to get paid and go back to work, but Ann Coulter immediately criticized the decision.

While most people in the United States applaud an end to the financial hardships being faced due to Trump's power play to force Congress to give him the billions of dollars he wants for his border wall, not everyone sees the greater good as motivation for compromise.

Coulter took Trump to task for his reversal, unleashing a tweet storm which included her own version of toxic masculinity where any man that compromises or reverses a poor decision is a "wimp." She tweeted:

"Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States."

Coulter got the attention she wanted, but found few who supported her personal attacks. Especially the insults against WWII combat veteran and former CIA director President George HW Bush.

Others called her out for wanting Trump to keep the government shut down so the "most expensive and least effective" border security solution, his wall, could be given billions of dollars.

People asked if Coulter was mad.

Others took exception with her opinion on the wall's priority.

While many pointed out Coulter's lack of power in 2019 compared the radio and television deals she once had.

And some expressed concern about her personal attack causing Trump to once again change his mind.

The White House announced an end to the shutdown for three weeks, allowing federal workers to not miss their next paycheck. No promises were made about the government remaining open.