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GOP Rep. Delivers Brutal Clapback to QAnon Congresswoman Who Called Her 'Trash'

GOP Rep. Delivers Brutal Clapback to QAnon Congresswoman Who Called Her 'Trash'
Win McNamee/Getty Images // Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Conservative Congresswoman Nancy Mace spent the weekend facing criticism for contradictory statements regarding COVID-19 vaccines in two separate interviews for Fox News and CNN.

But far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia had another bone to pick with Mace.

Earlier this week, right-wing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado faced widespread rebuke after a video of her Islamophobic screed to constituents went viral. In the video, Boebert suggested Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota—one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress—was a terrorist-allied suicide bomber.

Mace decried Boebert's comments on a CNN appearance, saying:

"I have, time after time, condemned my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for racist tropes and remarks that I find disgusting, and this is no different from any others. ... We have a responsibility to lower the temperature, and this does not do that. I didn't come to Congress to throw bombs on Twitter, to take advantage of people by saying crazy things to raise money, or to be a comedian. I'll leave the comedy to Dave Chapelle."

Boebert apologized to "anyone in the Muslim community [she] offended," but not an apology to Omar. After a direct call to Omar in which she still refused to apologize, Boebert then said it was Omar who should apologize.

Mace's condemnation of Boebert's diatribe enraged Greene.

It wasn't long before Mace issued a brutal response.

A contentious Twitter back-and-forth soon ensued.

Their exchange made waves on social media, even with a reaction from anti-Trump Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

Others joined her in slamming Greene's latest unhinged rant.

From Boebert's bigotry to Greene's belligerence, there are growing calls for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to get his House in order.