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The Ratings For Trump's State of the Union Are in and People Can't Stop Trolling Him with the Results

Leah Millis-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump delivered his 2020 State of the Union on Tuesday evening, and it was filled with dramatic moments.

From Democratic pushback to Republican chants of "four more years" to surprise reunions and medals of freedom, the typically solemn State of the Union took on the air of a reality television show.

Naturally, the former host of Celebrity Apprentice was right at home—but fewer Americans at home were watching.

The President's ratings fell by nearly a quarter, garnering around 37 million people over 12 networks—the fewest viewers of a Presidential address since former President Barack Obama's final State of the Union in 2016.

While many Americans likely tuned out from the sheer fatigue of an erratic news cycle, some formidable lawmakers announced that they would be boycotting the address.

It seems other Americans had the same idea.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fox News boasted the highest views of any cable news show that night, while MSNBC dropped to the lowest number of viewers.

If you think Trump's partisan acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial the following day was enough to console him, you haven't been paying to his tweets.

Trump, a former reality television star, frequently determines the worth of entities and people alike by how many people care to watch.

The President has tweeted about ratings over 300 times.

People began to note the massive drop in ratings from last year—and what it may mean for Trump.

What may be chilling, however, is what Trump will do to boost his viewership to what it was.

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