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Joe Biden Just Launched and Hoo Boy, Trump's Not Gonna Like This One Bit

Joe Biden Just Launched and Hoo Boy, Trump's Not Gonna Like This One Bit
Win McNamee/Getty Images // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Just before his inauguration in 2017, President Donald Trump changed his 2016 slogan—"Make America Great Again"—to "Keep America Great."

Nearly four years later and with the 2020 Presidential campaign in the final stretch, Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign has purchased the internet domain name ""

Instead of a glorification of the current President that the name implies, the website highlights an astonishing number of promises broken by the President during his first term.

The promises range from immigration reform...

"President Trump's cruel immigration policy has separated children from their families and threatened deportation to Dreamers who know no other country but this one. And no, Mexico has not paid for the wall."

To farmers...

President Trump's disastrous tariff war with China set struggling American farmers back even further, leaving entire crops unsold and left to rot while Trump tried and failed to play hardball with Xi Jinping.

To the pandemic...

"President Trump failed to meaningfully address the pandemic, and his relative inaction has led to nearly six months of economic chaos, millions of lost jobs, and 180,000 American lives lost - with no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight."

To foreign policy...

"President Trump has put himself first, asking foreign leaders to help his re-election, embracing dictators and authoritarian strongmen around the world, abandoning our allies, and abdicating America's global leadership. And he lost a tariff war, causing farm bankruptcies to rise and helping put American manufacturing into a recession."

The site also allows viewers to look at what Trump actually promised on these issues, practically all of which have come up short. The previous owner of the domain name was Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, who also used it to denounce Trump.

Twitter users applauded the Biden campaign's trolling.

The announcement comes the day after Trump's address at the final night of the GOP Convention, which has been widely panned.

Election day is just over two months away.