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CNN Host Breaks Down Tucker Carlson's 'Biggest Achievements' in Savage Takedown

CNN Host Breaks Down Tucker Carlson's 'Biggest Achievements' in Savage Takedown
Fox News // CNN

CNN host Brianna Keilar has become famous for her in-depth takedowns of the fallacies rampant in right-wing media.

Whether she's debunking conservative hysteria on voter fraud, former President Donald Trump's 2020 election lies, or disinformation about the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans, Keilar is detailed in her fact-checks and unsparing in her rebukes.

Such was the case when Keilar set her sights on far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who sparked controversy yet again for slamming Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley as "stupid" and "a pig" for his viral opposition to Republican hysteria over Critical Race Theory.

Keilar was having none of it.

Watch below.

'He is white rage': Keilar calls out Tucker

Keilar pointed out that, while General Milley isn't above criticism, Carlson's attacks on Milley—as well as his disparagements of the Military as overly-sensitive—come without the Fox host ever actually having served.

But never fear, Keilar did highlight some of Carlson's most distinguished accomplishments:

"Tucker Carlson didn't serve. His biggest achievement is having nine lives in the world of cable news, making a bow tie famous and getting away with promoting conspiracy theories, night after night after night."

Keilar was alluding to Carlson's numerous jobs before becoming host of his nightly disinformation vehicle. Carlson worked on CNN as a co-host of Crossfire (where he was famously roasted by comedian Jon Stewart), before the network didn't renew his contract in 2005. Until 2008, Carlson was a host on MSNBC, but his show was canceled after low ratings.

Keilar also ridiculed Carlson's incredulity at "white rage," a term Milley used in his answer.

Playing footage of Carlson warning the U.S. would become like Rwanda, the CNN host said:

"That isn't just a dog whistle. It's a white-whistle. He pretends white rage doesn't exist. He is white rage. Don't sell yourself short, pal."

People hailed her criticisms of the far-right Fox host.

Meanwhile, Carlson is still facing criticism for his attack on Milley.

Carlson's frequent unhinged remarks have led to pressure on his advertisers to revoke their support.